Organic Maca Powder 7 pcs.

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Organic Maca Powder 7 pcs Buy

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Maca comes from the Maca plant, which bears the Latin name Lepidium meyenii. Our maca is grown in the higher parts of the Peruvian Andes on the Junin Plateau

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In Peru, Maca has been used by the Incas for thousands of years, and they say Energy, Vitality and Memory, like headlines using Maca.

Maca in Peru is also known as the "Incan fountain of youth" The source of youth because it improves vitality and libido. With 18 amino acids out of 20 possible, it is probably one of the Superfood products that contains the most amino acids, which is also a boost for muscle building activities.

It has a very high fiber content, many vitamins and minerals.

In this maca there are both red, black and yellow maca which gives the properties of the 3 maca roots

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Organic Maca Powder 7 pcs.

1,393.00DKK 441.00DKK

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